Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Star Girl - Book of the month for June

Last night was so great! I loved it, and loved all of us together! We all mesh so well, and there is just a great dynamic of personalites. I love all of you women so much! Thank you for coming, and I really enjoyed our discussion. Next month, we will be reading Star Girl by Jerry Spinneli, and Teressa will be hosting at her home in Lehi. I will get the address to you shortly. As always, it will be on the last Tuesday of the month, June 25th at 7 pm, and please bring a side dish or dessert potluck to share, along with lots of thoughts to share about the book. Instead of voting on the books, I thought it was a better idea to just give everyone a chance to pick a book, and either host or I will host it if you cannot. That way we all get to read something we want! As you read the book, please leave comments, questions and such on this blog. We can start mini discussions! Let me know if you haven't got an invite to be an admin on this blog, and I will send you an invite. However, you must have a gmail account to use blogger, so if you don't have one, you'll have to create one! Love you all!!

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